Birchanger Village Magazine 1
Village Magazine
October 2003 Issue 10
Birchanger at The Albert Hall by Jayne Devine
The children of years 5 and 6 from Birchanger C of E Primary School have had one of the most memorable
days of their young lives. They were fortunate enough to be able to participate in the Barnardo’s Essex
Young Supporters Concert held at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday 10th October. Along with pupils from
39 other Essex schools, they lent their voices as part of a mass choir of over 1200 young performers, to a
truly wonderful evening of music, song and dance.
Conducted by Susannah Edom and compered by Jason Canning, the
evening comprised of a first half encompassing traditional songs from
England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and a second half entitled
“Along Came Man”. This told, in song and dance, of the ecological
problems that man is causing Earth and how we must better look after
the environment. The finale was a very rousing few choruses of “Land of
Hope and Glory”, involving much flag waving and audience participation
that ended in stupendous applause and cheering by all.
The pupils and teachers of Birchanger School have spent a great deal
of time this year practising the songs, which culminated in a long day
of rehearsals at the Royal Albert Hall itself. It was an exhausting day
for all concerned, with the actual concert lasting from 6.30pm until
9.30pm and although, I am sure, each and everyone of them must have
been extremely tired by the end of the evening, the children never
waivered in their enthusiasm for the performance. It was quite obvious
to all just how much they were enjoying themselves.
As a very proud parent sitting in the audience, I
experienced a wonderful, and very emotional evening.
I for one would like to thank Mrs Howell, Mrs Crane,
and the other members of staff involved for allowing
our children the opportunity to sing in Britain’s most
famous concert hall, and for giving them a memory
they will treasure for the rest of their lives.
Absolutely Brilliant! Very Well Done to you all.
The Choir in full voice