Birchanger Village Magazine 1
Village Magazine
November 2003 Issue 11
wheels of change have turned again at the Social Club, as Alan Levine has now stepped down to
make way for new Chairman Ken Wheatley.
Alan was elected at the AGM of 1995 replacing Harry Hayden. He came to the job with a fresh attitude and
inherited some long standing members of the committee as well as some very experienced officers. The
past eight years have seen steady growth in the Clubís membership and some changes fundamental to the
future of the club.
In 1997 Alanís committee found itself looking for a new Steward
as Charlie Morrice and wife Kim decided it was time to move on.
Tony and Julie Lucas were selected as replacements and are still
doing a sterling job.
In the early years of Alanís chairmanship the emphasis
swung very much towards providing more regular and
consistent entertainment. This culminated in 1998 with the
construction of the Stage and installation of a new sound and
lighting system.
Following this, a programme of redecoration was carried out
which led to the remodelling of the front of the club to provide
access for the disabled.
The next issue of note was a constitutional change to the
club which came at the AGM of 1999 and resulted in full
membership being given to women for the first time in the
Clubís history. Mrs Rose Dowdall a former club Stewardess
became the first full lady member on new years day 2000.
Two years of planning led up to the celebrations for the new millennium, which came to fruition during
May of the year 2000. Alan will have vivid memories of this as the weather at the week end of the
celebrations was wet. While attempting to prevent the marquee from flooding, he received a drenching
for his trouble. Undeterred the entertainment went ahead and was a great success.
With the influence of the ladies growing all the time, pressure arose from the membership to change the
clubís name. This was done at the AGM of 2002, with the name changing to The Birchanger Social Club.
At the meeting Alan advised the membership that 2002 to 2003 would be his last year as Chairman.
Here Alan is seen enjoying a moment
during his final committee meeting