Birchanger Village Magazine 1
Village Magazine
March 2003 Issue 3
Government proposals to put the world’s
biggest airport on our doorstep would mean
the end of Birchanger Village as we know it.
Brian Ross spells out the implications
for Birchanger
Scale of the Proposals
Forget about the recent Uttlesford
Council decision to allow Stansted
to grow from 15 million passengers
a year to 25 million. This is a mere
picnic compared to what the
Government has in mind.
Stansted would grow to 129 million
passengers a year if the Government
decides that it should have three
extra runways. With just one extra
runway Stansted could handle 82
million passengers a year, 30%
more than today’s Heathrow.
The Government plans to
transfer 40% of Heathrow’s
scheduled transatlantic and
long haul services to Stansted
to ‘kick start’ expansion as
soon as the second runway is
ready to open.
Including freight aircraft, the
number of landings and take-offs
would increase to more than 2000
a day, one every 30 seconds
during the day; one every three
minutes at night. A third would
be jumbo jets.
Related Development
For Birchanger, the planes are
probably not the main problem. It’s
the development and traffic growth
which would come as a result.
An eight fold increase in the
level of traffic will require new
roads and the world’s largest
airport will need a plethora of
office buildings, warehouses,
short and long term parking,
car rental and other support
facilities, inside and outside
the airport perimeter. Between
30 and 40 hotels of similar size
to the Hilton will be needed.
The list goes on.
Health & Education
The impact on Birchanger doesn’t
end with concrete and traffic.
There are significant health issues
for the village,as a result of the
higher concentration levels of air-
craft emissions in the vicinity of
the airport. There are implications
for the education of the children in
the village. Studies show that
interruptions from aircraft noise
cause lapses in concentration
and damage the quality of
children’s education in schools
which are near airports.
Jobs and Houses
Already the airport cannot find
enough local people to fill the job
vacancies and another 7,000 jobs
will come as a result of the agreed
expansion to 25 million.
Up to 80,000 new ‘affordable’
homes will be required in the area
to accommodate the influx of
workers required.
And for those who think that airport
expansion will inflate house prices,
all the evidence points the opposite
What can I do?
If enough local people oppose
these plans vigorously and
vociferously, the Government
will think again. Don’t let this
threat to our village become a
reality. Contact
phone (01279) 870558 or see the
local press for details of how you
can play your part in opposing the
Government’s proposals.