Birchanger Village Magazine 1
December 2003 Issue 12
Village Magazine
we all know Christmas is primarily about children. This publication was born a year ago and to
mark our first birthday we instituted a writing competition for children, which I’m happy to say was
supported very well. There were thirteen entries all of a high standard which made judging them a difficult
task but judges Molly Bishop and Elizabeth Godwin reached a result. In the 5 to 7 year old category first
place went to five year old Lily Shaff with her poem “Special Christmas” and Mathew Reed took
second place with his offering “On Christmas day”.
The 8 to 11 year old category attracted nine excellent entries and it was
very difficult to choose winners. However first place was awarded to
Lucy Haggerwood-Bullen for her story “A Magical Christmas” which
I’m told is based on real events. The second place prize was won by Katy
Crewe and her tale about a family of mice entitled “A very Mousey
Christmas” I was particularly charmed by her realisation that Santa would
have to visit “ Over 122 million other mice that night” a thought that left
a smile on my face!
As we considered the standard to be so high, consolation prizes were
awarded to the nine runners up they are Ellie Raynor, Jessie Raynor,
Olivia Ward, Anna Field, Elliot Field, Rebbecca Davey, Simon Baker,
Amy Lawrence and Guy Robins. The prizes were awarded at the
Christmas bazaar held at the School on December 6
All of the prizes were supplied by WH Smith who
sponsored the second place prizes. The other prizes
were provided by the magazine, and we thank WH
Smith for their support.
You can find the winning entries inside this issue.