Birchanger Village Magazine 1
Village Magazine
August 2003 Issue 8
has become a tradition now that Key Stage 2 children perform their annual play at the end of the summer
term. It is an event that is eagerly anticipated by parents and children alike. Once again no one was
This years offering was a superb adaptation of a classic tale of greed, fortitude and redemption, Hansel and
Gretel and it was directed by the school’s own Impresario – Mrs Angela Crane.
The performances were played to parents,
friends and pupils and were both well
received, containing as they did some
outstanding performances from a very
talented cast. It would be churlish to pick
out one performance above another but
highlights included solos from Olivia
Ward as Doris the Not So Evil Witch.
Edward Earnshaw as the cowardly Lion
and an enchanting duet from Laura
Monro-Smith and Hannah Roberson as
singing Elves.
The lead parts were played by Lee West who produced a notable performance as the brave but naive Hansel
and Jessie Raynor as Gretel, capably outwitting her brother and everyone else for that matter. Freddie
Haggerwood-Bullen manfully tackled the role and beard of the Woodman, while Bruce Felton was strangely
believable as the wicked stepmother. Eleanor Game lapped up the applause as Spencer the Witches Cat. Jay
Cox and Alice Game also deserve particular mention as Mr and Mrs Sparrow.
The main cast members were more than ably supported by a supporting cast that would have made Cameron
Macintosh green with envy and the chorus came forth with some rousing numbers from the orchestra pit in
support of their grease painted comrades.
The children and staff all worked very hard to produce this memorable rendition of an old favourite and at
the end of the final performance the children thanked, and rewarded the efforts of Mrs Crane with bouquets.
Tina Crossley and Sue Haggerwood-Bullen were also thanked for their contribution to the makeup and
costumes in the production.